Posted by: ananda29 | October 18, 2009

Ananda English Corner


how is life ????…. long time no see

look at this funny picture… qiqiqi…it makes me laugh all the day…

hopefully you enjoy it too.

ok …it’s learning time….   don’t be lazy,  study hard…. be the best !!!

ms. Liza



  1. full name : gregorius ardo dedali
    nick name : ardo
    I was born : 02-mei-1995
    I live at : tahunan raya stree no :2 , RT 01 RW 02
    my hobby : swimming
    my phone number : 087733775526
    I have 1 sister, her name is luna

  2. full name : nufus nur ainie
    nick name : nufus
    I was born in jepara, 08-09-1995
    I live at Jayadi Rejo Randusari street RT 02 RW 01 tahunan jepara
    hobbies : watching TV and sender short message to friends
    my phone number : 085640213275

  3. RALAT :

    -full name : gregorius ardo dedali
    -nick name : ardo
    -I was born in jepara 02-mei-1995
    -I live at : tahunan raya street no :2 , RT 01 RW 02
    -my hobby : swimming
    -my phone number : 087733775526
    -I have 1 sister, her name is luna

  4. ardo.. I think you had better make another introduction after clicking on class X… okay !!??

  5. nesiaUNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE OF SCHOOL soften SMK N 1 Kalinyamatan
    The exact time the new school year 2014/2015 year I went to SMK 1 Kalinyamatan to register, at that time the atmosphere in the school is very crowded at awalnyya me awkward and embarrassed … but fortunately my friend who accompanied at the time sehinnga feeling more adventurous and not be ashamed. I go to school do not know where the place awalnnya register. Then I tannya to one OSIS SMK 1 Kalinyamatan and was given a sign to know where I was very happy at that time.
    And my friend and I was filling out the registration form. Filling ijasa numbers, names of parents, and others. But there is less wear haduh ….. nothing less any hhhhh is lacking is the letter of the health of the health centers are forced deh home. Sesampainnya at home, you know why motor not screwed ya … ya … I immediately wrote deh kaka cousin’s house intending to take me to the clinic, there is hope hope aja orangnnya hope in the hearts sesampainnya home kaka-law turns cool tra …. orangnnya at home, immediately wrote to him deh I tannya I: kak anterin me to puskismas dong …. kaka cousin: ngapain deck … weve you sick ya … ?? I: nngak kak why did I run out of skolahan list … eh time ngisi folmulir disuru nyertain health certificates … kaka cousin: iya deh let’s go I: siapp directly deh we both set off to the clinic I guess at this check it eh ternnyata just told ngliat lot number hidden spots if it does hah easy … directly deh letter from peskesmas.
    Jump aja deh I return straight back kesekolahan to collect the letter from the puskesmas had finished registering tinngal kesekolahan deh we wait for a letter from skolahan qualified or not if not mistaken about the weekly announcements I waited …. and arrived at that time of day there my name jengjengjeng clusters that I be accepted alhamdulillah

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