Class X

Thanks for completing your assignment !!

A.      Good Afternoon Miss..

Let me introduce my self. My name is Miranti Lestari. You can call me Miranti. I live in Jepara. I am 15th years old. I was born in Jepara, 25th August 1999. My hobby is singing. I have one sister and one brother.
I am a student. I school at SMK N 3 Jepara.
My favorite food is fried chicken
-that’s all/nice to meet you-


B.     Hello Nanik ! Let me introduce my self. My name is Lilik. I know your name from my friend Alfiah. She told            me that you sent her an email telling her that you would like to have more pen pals from the US.
I guess i’d better tell you something about my self first. I’m 15 years old and I attend SMK N 3 Jepara here in          Jepara , Jawa tengah. I have my brother and the middle child.
I have hobbies reading and writing. I like sports especially football and volly , I don’t have a pets. I don’t like        drawing but I love reading and writing. How about you ? Please drop me a line , Nanik ! Can’t wait to hear               from you !

C.      Hi Miss!
Now let me introduce myself. My name is Norma Agaminata, and you can call me “Norma”. I am one of a million babies who will be born in the Indonesia in 1999. I was born in Jepara on 28th November 1999. I live at H.Ali Syarif street, Krapyak village, RT/RW: 003/007, Jepara. I am studying in SMK Negeri 3 Jepara.

My hobbies are cycling, listen the music , reading comics, watch movie and comedy because that all make me happy and entertain my self. I was the youngest of one sister. I have one sister, her name is Aqidah Islamiyah. I like study hard and I smile a lot. 😀

I have a parents who very loving me. They are never mind to accept all my desire. After I am finishing my study, I want to give my parents is happiness that previous ever they give me.

So.. until here introduce my self. I hope it very interesting. I am so sorry if any fault in my written.


Name : Nahariyatul Ijabah M.
Class : X PM 1
School : Vocational Secondary School 3 Jepara
Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.
Hello, Lia! let me intoduce myself. My name is Nia. My religion islamic my skin is white.
I was in Junior High School 1 Jakarta. I am the third child of siblings (2 brothers).
My father worked as a teacher while my mother worked as a housewife.
My first brother is studying in ITB. My brother graduated from high school in Jakarta.
My Hobby is singing a song. But, I hate about the darkness.
Lesson I prefer that English, but I don’t like that Mathematics.
I have a dream that successful women.
I hope you can reply to my email.
Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

  Hello, lilik! Let me introduce myself. My name is Nanik. I know your name from my friends, karina. She told me that you sent her an email telling her that you would like to have more pen pals from the US. I’d really like to be your E-pal. You sound really cool!

        I guees l’d better tell you something about myself first. I’m 16 years old and l attend thomas edison high school here in minneapolis, minnesota, USA. I have two sisters and l’m the first child. My father worked at home and my mother not work.
        I have lots hobbies. I like music-mostly classical music and folk music. But l don’t play an instrument. I like sports, especially batminton and tennis. At school l’m in the matematic club and l spend mos of extra-curricular time study matematic club. I’m into animals very much. My sister and l have some cats and birds. They need lots of attention as you can imagine. At school l have many Hmong friends who were not fully fluent in English. Their family moved here from asia. I enjoy talking to them about our different cultures. My favorite subjects at school are art and geography. I think l’d like to become a park ringer when l graduate, perhaps work for the National parks service.
         I haven’t got much interest in fashion, although we have ‘Mall of Amerika,’ the biggest mall in Minnesota. We can reach the mall very easily. A commuter train runs every is minutes, buses also come from different directions. We can also drive to the mall. It’s much faster than going there by train or by bus.

     I don’t like reading but a love drawing and traveling. How about you? Please drop me a line, lilik! Can’t wait to hear from you!

Nanik X PM 1


Hello, Nida! Let me introduce myself. My name is Mimi.

I know the name of my friend, Rina. He told me that you have won in competitions at basketball.

I want you to share the experience with me.

First, I want to tell me. I have sixteen years old. I study at SMK 3 Jepara. I am majoring in marketing. I

was the last child of 4 siblings.

I have many hobbies include music and sports. The kind of music I like is pop, but although I like music,

I could not play an instrument. I also like sports especially basketball with you. I want you to share

knowledge and experience about basketball.

At school I have many friends from different regions, for example Welahan, rivets and others. They are

very kind to me. I learned a lot about their lives.

How about you?. Please tell me about yourself and your experience. I always wait your reply. See




Hello sasa introduce my name is windi . l know your name from brother who was in jakarta crowbar. Puput told me that you wanted to have a lot of friends area of java and really want to be your friend. You sound intelligient and smart children in school. I want to tell you about my self to be mora familiar. My first 15 yers of my old school in the country smk 3 jepara , and l have one sibling 12 years old . my father worked as a private employee and my mother is a housewife. I posses the singing hobby is one l like pip music and dandut but l can not play instruments mudhsik ,l at all l do not like sports at school following the new extracurricular theater now entered so not too much but when l was a junior high school l really like to scout for me is sabgat fun though pena. I do not likw drawing bwcause for me complicated and difficult to his time like to sing and resing novles. How about you? Please drop me line,sasa! Cant wait to hear from you!! Windi auliya
Hanim Jl.Merdeka,22 Pati 2015 Hello my friend, how are you there? I hope you are good. I miss you because we have not met in a long time. Do you miss me too? If you are on vacation, I hope you can visit Lampung. I’m sure you will love it because it is a beautiful city. I will take you to many places like Kiluan bay and to the most beautiful places in Indonesia. I know that you love surfing and I have so many secret places for you to surf, so I recommend you to visit here a couple of weeks. Hopefully we can meet soon, my best friend.. Your friend, Sindy


Jepara, 2 August 2015

To : Mrs. Liza

Hello Mrs. Liza, let me introduce my self. My name is Aminatuz Zuhriyah.

I live in krapyak RT. 04 RW. 04 Tahunan Jepara. I from Junior High School 5

Jepara. And now i’m school in SMK N 3 Jepara Marketing Department 1.

Distance school from my home near enough, I go to school 06.30 AM by

motor. Mrs. Liza can call me Amina. I want introduce my family. I have mother,

father, 1 sister, 2 brother and 1 young brother. I don’t like drawing but I like

writing. This is short story about me, thank you.

Please drop me a line, Mrs. Liza I wait message from you. 

Aminatuz Zuhriyah



  1. belajar english jadi mudah n menyenangkan neh !…sukses buat blognya….

  2. wangshani hao laoshi ms.lisa ni hao ma mam?
    my full name is muh. abdul ghofur
    ms. can call me ghofur
    i’am from class X PM 1
    I was grown 4 december 1994
    I live at troso rt. 07 rw.08
    my hobby is drawing , singing , and playing street basket ball
    I have two brother, my name frist brother is ah. sholeh and my secound brother m. reza kurniawan.
    and I LOVE lenguage english, mandarin , and france. enough nice to met you mam…..

  3. hello ms lisa…
    my name is safitri novitasari
    ms.can call me fitri . . .
    I”am from class X pm 1.
    I live at jambu timur
    my hobby is listening to music and singing
    I have one brother, my brother is name viki alviando
    Ihave one sister ,my sister is name tiara putri nafisa
    I can not speaking engish so I want study from ms.lisa .thanks. . .
    nice to met you ms lisa

  4. hello mam……………
    introduction my self
    my full name ema widiastutik
    you can call me ema
    i’am from class X PM 1
    my adress in,capogo pule,kembang jepara RT 06 RW 04
    i was born in jepara,28 februari 1995
    my hobby’s listening music
    i have one brother my brother name hendri irawan
    my favorit food fried rice
    thank you mam………..
    nice to meet you

  5. Hello Miss…..
    my full name’s Ela Septiyani
    you can call me Ela, no Septiyani
    I was born in Jepara, 27th Sept 1995
    I lived in Jl. Sultan Hadirin Rt 13/05 Mantingan Jepara
    I’m from X PM 1
    My hobby is take a walk, and listening to music
    I gradute from SMPN 2 Jepara
    My religion is Islam
    I have one sister and two brothers
    My favorite food is Pempek and my favorite drink is orange juice.
    That’s all about me……Thank you and Bye-bye

  6. hello ms…………….
    introduction my self
    my full name fatimatus zaroh
    ms can call me zaroh
    i’am from x pm 1
    i live at let jen suprapto street rt 03/05 dema’an jepara central java
    i was born 15 august 1994
    my favorite food meat ball
    my favorite drink orange juice
    my favorite film harry potter
    i have 2 sisters,3 old brothers and 1 young brother
    my hobby’s reading novel,listening music,singing and atc……………

    i hope will be novel’s writer

    thank you ms,,,,,,,,
    nice to meet you

  7. assalamualaikum . .
    hello mis . . .
    how are you . .?
    my name is sela fitriyaningrum
    you can call me sela
    I was grown 20 febuary 1996
    I”m 14 yers ord
    I”m from class X pm 1
    I life at semat . . .
    what is you now semat . . ?
    I have a family small.
    my family to consist of father,mather,and one my sister .
    ms.Lisa I can not language english , but I to wish can . .so I hape pechest you can to help me . .
    thank”s mis . . .
    nice to meet you . ..
    wassalamualikum wr.wb

  8. assamUalaikummm……………..
    hello ms. ,,,
    introducting my self
    my full name is kiki fatmawati
    you can call me kiki
    i’am from class X PM 1
    i was born 12 october 1995
    so, i’am 15 years old
    I live at jL. lebak sepayung RT 02 RW 06
    MY hobby’s listening to the music And pLaying basket baLL ,, , , ,
    I have two brother’s and two sister’s
    my faforite food is cicken soup and fried rice
    my faforite drink is milk
    i gradute of SMP N 1 PAKIS AJI
    MY number HP is 085226654621
    Tank’s you ms. , , ,
    nice to meet you . … ,,,

    wassalamu’alaikum WR,WB

  9. Hello mom,
    Thank for the time given to me for introducing my self,
    My name is siti daimatul mustaqfiroh,you can call me ima. I was born in jepara may 4th,1995.
    I live at jl jepara-bangsri km 05,sekuro rt 29 rw 06 mlonggo-jepara. Im from X PM 1.
    My father is muhlisin,he is a businessman. My mother is solikhatun she is a housewife. I have one old sister her name is hayati and one young brother his name is M.daus.
    I like to singing and drawing.
    I’m very happy and proud have a chance to study in smkn 3 jepara.
    For ms lisa please slowly and dont too fast in giving explaination the lesson, because i’m not good enaugh in english and i still need to learn it more.
    Thank you for your attention and sorry for giving you a comment.
    Thank you and see you miss lisa

  10. Assalamu’alaikum
    Hello mis. . .. .
    thank for the time given to me for introducing
    my self

    my full name is luthfiyah mahfudhoh
    you can call me ,fia
    i lave at panggang RT O2 RW 03 Jepara Central Java
    i was born in jepara nov 18,1995.
    my hobby are singing, listen to music ,slipping, and bycicling.
    i’am 14 years old
    and i have two brother and one sister
    my phone number 085225143309.
    my favorite singer is rossa
    my favorite band are ungu, d’massive
    ok mis. . . . .
    thank you
    and nice to met you

    Wassalamu’alaikum WR.WB

  11. Assalamualaikum Wr . Wb
    hello mom ..

    thanks for the time given to me for introducing my self

    my name is Tyas Ayu Aisyah ,
    you can call me tyas ,
    i was born in jepara april 30 1995
    i live at senenan village rt 05 rw 02 tahunan jepara

    my hobby very much , singing , cooking , reading novel , wathcing television , take a round , eating etc ..

    i have two brother , his name is donny wicaksono and hasan fadlullah ,

    i have favorite senior on smkn3jepara , his name is Franz adi hariadi , he live at mulyoharjo ,,,

    and my favorite singer is afgan , and chritian bautista .

    my phone number 083862710248

    thank so much miss…
    nice to meet you ,,

    Wassalamualaikum Wr . Wb

  12. Good afternoon mom…
    Let me introduce my self to you.
    My name is Nufus Nur Ainie,but you can call me “Nufus”.My class in XPM1.I was born in Jepara,08-09-1995.I live at Jl.Jayadi Rejo Randusari Rt.02/01 Tahunan Jepara.My hobby is watching tv.
    I am first children.I have two young sisters and one young brother.I love their.Do you know my favorite lesson?My favorite lesson is english lesson.But.I hate matematic lesson,because I think difficult.And mom,if you want to call me.This is my number 085640213275.Ok,thank you for your attention.See you in your class…

  13. Good evening Mrs.Lisa

    I want to introduce my self.
    My full name is Anggie Febriyana, my class room in XPM1.I was born in Jepara,04-02-1996.I live at Ngabul Rt.02/02 Tahunan Jepara.My hobby is listening music and reading.I have one brother only,his name is Anggha.I graduate from MTsN Bawu,I’m so missing all my friends from MTsN Bawu, but I also happy study in SMK 03 Jepara specially study English with you and I have more new friends here.My phone number is 085225074300.Thank you for your attention.
    See you….

  14. good morning Ms. Lisa…..
    I want to introduce my self to you.
    my name is Nabella Yunista Karina, my call name is BELLA. my class room in X PM 1. I was born in Jepara, Juni 18 1995. I live at Jl. Boegenfil, rt 03/17 Krasak Bangsri. My hobby is reading book, listening to music and watching tv. I is first child. I have a brother, he is Rossy. I am so happy can school at SMK N 3 JEPARA. It is so amazing. I like it.
    I so happy because here I meet with unique students. my phone number 081919877204. I think enough all. Thanks for your attention. See you…..

  15. good afternoon, mom……

    Let me Introduce my self,,,,,,,
    my full name is AISYAH AMINI FEBRIANA, you can call me “Febri”. my class room in X PM-1. I was born in Jepara, 15-02-1995, I live at K.H. Wahid Hasyim street RT 02 RW 03 Bapangan Jepara. I graduate from MTsN Bawu Jepara. My hobby is singing, reading comic, wathcing tv and listening of music. If you want call me. This is my number phone 088215117903. I have three sister and four brother.
    Thank for your attention……. Nice too meet you,,,,,,,

  16. good afteernoon MS. LiSa
    how are you??

    ,I hope fine , introduce my self to you
    , my name is gregorius ardo dedali, you can call me ardo , my class room in 10 PM 1 , I was born in jepara , 2 mei 1995 . I live at tahunan raya steet RT 01 RW 03 jepara , my hobby is swimming , I have 1 sister , her name is LunA ,
    ,my phone number is 087733775526, THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION. See YoU

  17. Hello Ms.Lisa
    My full name Arisa Rochmawati
    You can call me Arisa
    I lived in Jl.Pakis Aji No.23 Potroyudan Jepara
    I was bron in Jepara,24 Feb 1995
    My hobby is shopping ,singing ,n listening to music
    I’m from X PM 1
    My religion is Islam
    I gradute from SMP Negeri 2 Jepara
    My favorite food is meat ball

    Thank you Miss
    Nice too meet you

  18. assalammualaikum wr wb
    good afteernoon ms.lisa,introduse my self to you my name is m.nasrudin,you can call me udin,my class in 10 pm 1,I was born in jepara,11 january, I live at tahunan randusari rt 02 RW 01, my hobby is drawing,I HAVE 1 brother and 3 sister, i am last children. my phone number is 08978072214 and 083862131194 . thans for attention

  19. good evening Mrs. Lisa…..

    let me introduce my self . .

    my full name is CANDRA SETYAWATI, you can call me ‘CACA’.
    I live in rt 01/04 panggang jepara. my class room in X PM 1. I gradute from SMP N 2 Jepara. I was born in jepara 21-01-1996. my hobby are drawing, playing basket ball, and swimming…..

    my phone number 085740971965. I have one brother, his name is kresna mahardika.
    my favorite film is harry potter..
    my favorite singer are, pasha ungu and justin bieber…..

    thank you,,…….
    nice too meet you…….

  20. hi miss lisa
    how are you?
    i want to introduce my self
    my name is amik fitrianingrum
    you can call me amik,my class in X PM 1
    i’m from jepara or junior high school at 1 mlonggo
    i live on jl. boegenvile 1 rt:1/XVII krasak bangsri
    i was born in jepara, 28 februari 1996
    my hobbies are wacthing tv, reading book, shooping, listening popmusic
    my phone numbers are 0291 4270119 or 085225520629
    my favorite actriesis dinda kirana
    my favorite food is pecel
    my favorite drink is milk
    my favorite singer is nazril irham
    good evening miss lisa
    nice too meet you
    see you…………..

  21. hallo miss lisa

    i want to introduct my self…..

    my name is ilma ratna sari
    my nick name is ilma,my classroom in X PM1
    i’m 15 years old
    i live in sinanggul rt:21/04
    i was born in jepara,18 june 1995
    my hobbies are wacthing tv,listening music,and playing basketball
    my phone number is 087833635858

    i have 2sisters and no brother
    they are nur fatihah and yunika safitri

    thank miss
    nice too meet you……

  22. good evening,,my full name is camelya you can call me class room in X PM 1,I was born in jepara,13 January 1995.i live at tahunan jepara.I have one old brother and one old sister and one young sister.My phone number 085226641321. OK i think enough.see you

  23. hallo miss lisa

    my name is jef jefriyab
    you can call me jefry
    my class room in X PM 1, i was born in jepara,16 january 1995, i live at ujung batu rt 06 rw 01.
    my phone number 081228119995, my hobby are basketball, playing music and playing football, i’m 15 years old.
    i have 2 brother and no sister
    they are muhammad baqi maulana and ahmad rendy bahtiar.
    my religion is islam.
    my favorite food chicken
    my favorite aktor celebriti rezky aditya
    I gradute from smp n 1 jepara……

    ok… thank miss
    i like it….. bye….
    miss lisa the best………………..

  24. assalamualaikum wrwb
    hello miss lisa.

    i want to introduce my self..

    my name is ahmad andika franky.
    you can call me andika or anky..
    i’m a boy.
    you can see me in my class room X PM1.
    i’m 15 years old
    i’m from junior high school 1 JEPARA.
    i live in Kopral sapari street no.17 RT.2/RWII JEPARA CITY.
    i was born in KARTINI HOSPITAL JEPARA,5 April 1995
    my religion is moeslim.
    my hoobies are playing basketball and playing guitar.
    my phone number is 085641588XXX(PRIVATE)hehe.i’m soory miss.

    i have favorite band.
    this is AVENGED SEVEN FOLD(A7X) very cool ant crazy.i like it…

    i have a family.
    i have 2 sisters and 1 brothers.
    my old sisters name is NINA she’s got married and she’s have 1 children his name is IAN.
    second, my young sisters name is IDA NORMA ZUNITA she has school in DIPONEGORO UNIVERCITI in SEMARANG city.
    and my broters name is AHMAD ZAENAL RONI he’s got married and he have 1 children his name is REYGA HANSEL KARONI he’s very handsome.
    and I have 2 parents.
    my fathers name is H.M SUPRAYITNO.
    my father is specialist motor cycle in SCJ and my mothers name is H.J NOOR HIDAYAH my mothers have a market and jamu tradisional market in SCJ.
    and finally, i’m last children.
    i love my family.

    OK i think enough.
    see you miss lisa.
    nice to meet you.
    assalamualaikum wrwb

  25. NEW RALAT TO ms.lisa
    lisa laoshi
    salut mam bon nuie ca va?
    my name is muh. abdul ghofur
    laoshi can call me ghofur
    I was born in jepara 4 december 1994
    my adress troso rt/rw o7/01 pecangaan jepara
    my hobby is drawing, playing street basketball and singging my be
    I have 2 brother
    my first brother sholeh he’s 20 years and secound he’s reza 6 years ,,,
    my first brother now work in jakarta
    and reza now in play group,,,,,,,
    becauze I can’t lenguage english
    wangshani hao lisa laoshi
    zaijien/au revoir/nice to met you …..
    bon nuie/ good night/wangshani hao……….

  26. .hii miss lisa …
    .i want introduce my self …
    .my name is septiani ali wulansari …
    .u can call me wulland …
    .my class room in ak 1 ….
    .i’m from junior high school 1 jepara ..
    .i’m 15 years old .
    .i was born in jepara ,25 september 1995 .
    .i live in jambu ,mlonggo …
    .my hobby is reading a novel .
    .my favorit food is meat balls..
    .i have a family .
    .i have one sister ,one mother n one father ….
    .i have a boy friend ..named teo …
    .xixixi :p ….

    .ok ,i think enough ..
    .see you miss lisa ..
    .nice to meet u .

  27. Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb.

    Hello miss…
    I want to introduce my self,

    My full name is Muhammad Iqbal Charis..
    You can call me Iqbal..
    I graduate from SMPN 5 JEPARA
    my class in X PM 1..I was born in Jepara,15 December 1995,I live at Kopral Sapari street no.3 Rt.02/02 religion is moeslim ,my hobby is cycling.
    I have 2 brothers and 1 sister.
    They are Nida Ahmila,M.Afiyan Charis & Ahmad Saiful Atiq.

    OK…Thanks miss,..
    Nice to meet you…

    Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb

  28. Hello miss Lisa…
    Good night miss..

    My name is Albertus Ivan Rio K.
    you can call me _Rio_

    My class room in X PM 1
    I lived in Soekarno Hatta Street Number 3 Bapangan

    My hobby is Modification motorcycle
    My favorite food is Fried chicken
    i’m 14 years old
    my phone number is 087833613004
    i was born in Demak, o6 December 1995
    My religion is catholic
    I graduate from SMPN 1 Jepara
    i have a family, i have two sisters, one mother, and one father

    finaly,thank you miss
    nice to meet you.. i hope we’ll be friend

  29. hallo mam
    my name amalia Nur hidayah
    i from class X PM 1
    but mam can call me amel
    I was born jepara, 11 july 1995
    my adress tahunan bendan sari rt/rw 01/02
    my hobby drawing and writing
    I have 2 sister , my first sister april she school in bale kambang , secound adel he’s 4 years old
    adel is verry handsome and april is good girl
    i’am from smp n 1 tahunan . my school very beatifulle . I think so enough
    thanks mam . nice to meet you

  30. hallo mam
    my name is nofi zulinda sari
    mam can call me nofi
    I form Class X PM 1
    I was born jepara 17 january 1996
    my hobby reading
    my adress ngabul rt/rw 01/04 tahunan jepara
    1 have twin sister her name anina and anini her 3 year her very funny and beautifulle
    I from smp n 1 tahunan
    my favorit artist kemm bum
    ok thanks mam , nice to meet you

  31. hallo mam
    i want to introduction my self
    my name is siska ventiana
    but mam can call me siska
    i from class X PM1
    I was born jepara 13 maret 1996
    I live at srobyong rt 03 rw 04.My phone
    My hobby is listening music,eating,wathcing tv
    I have one brother and two sisters.
    I from school SMP 1 Bangsri.
    My favorit food is chicken noodle
    Okey thank you mam, nice to meet you

  32. hai mam wangshani hao lisa laoshi
    ni hao ma?
    ne zai gen sheme ne?

  33. bonjour ms. lisa

  34. bonjour ms. lisa

  35. Good afternoon Miss Lisa…How are You?I hope You’re fine
    Miss,I want to introduce myself to You.
    My name is Maya Preccelia,You can call me Maya.I’m fiveteen years old.I was born in Jepara,March 15,1995.I life at Kawak RT 09/02,Pakis Aji Jepara.I life with my mother,my father,and my brother.My brother is seven years old.He was born in Jepara,February 23,2003.He studies in SDN 1 Kawak.
    My hobby are dancing,and listening to music.I sine from SMPN 02 Bangsri.My favourite food is chicken noodle and my favourite drink is melon juice.
    I think that’s all.
    Miss,I want to learn anything with you.Because the way of your explain is very easy to I understand.
    But,would you not take english full please.Because I haven’t understood it yet.
    Thank You fir read my comment.See You tomorrow…

  36. hy miss lisa!!!
    I 14 YEARS OLD

    BYE BYE……….

  37. hay miss, how are you? I hope you’re fine
    I want to introduce my self to You
    My name is Hesti Rikana,You can call me Hesti
    I’m fiveteen years old, I was born in jepara, april 12 1995. I live at Guyangan Rt 01/02 Bangsri.
    My hobby is playing badminton.
    I come from SMPN 02 Bangsri.
    My favourite drink is marimas asem.
    I think that’s all.
    Miss,I want to learn english with you because the way of your explain is very easy to I understand.
    But,would you don’t take english full in your class,please
    Because I haven’t understood it yet.
    It’s for me to you.Thank’s for read.See you tomorrow…
    NB:Forgive me because I just make it now.

  38. assalamu’alaikum……………

    hello miss Lisa,how are u???
    Let me introduce my self

    My name is Edi Sunoto
    you can call me edi
    i was born in Jepara,December 30 1996
    i grade X PM 1 and i have four sister and all has merried,i live at Bapangan RT 04 RW 01 Jepara
    and at home i just with my parents….
    my hobby is drawing,reading,and listening music
    and my favorite food is sate…..
    OK i think enough
    good bye miss Lisa
    nice to meet u…….

    wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb

  39. hy mam…..
    how are you today?
    introducing my self,my full name atika rahayu agustina.but,,,,you can call me tika.i’ fiveteen years old.i was born in jepara,august 20 1995.
    i’m grade X pm 1 and i have one sister.her name selen dwi ayu windiyanto.i live at srobyong,RT 03 RW 2 MLONGGO.
    my hobbies is watching football,reading,n cooking.
    i’ from SMPN 1 BANGSRI.
    see you miss lisa….
    nice to meet you…..

  40. assalammu’alaikum

    hello miss Lisa,how are you?
    my ful name is MAHASIN NAUFAL
    miss can call me NAUFAL
    I was bron in JEPARA 14-05-1995
    I live at Lebu Awu RT 20 RW 04,PECANGAAN
    my hobbies is Playying basketball and vollyball.
    i frim SMP N 1 PECANGAAN
    see you miss lisa…….
    nice to meet you…….

  41. hello……miss lisa
    my name is reni
    you can call me reni
    i from smp 1 bangsri
    i live in krasak bangsri rt03 rw17
    my hobbies are eating and reading the novel
    my father name i supani
    my mother name is sutinah
    my have two sister
    that all…thank you maaaaaammmmmmmmm

  42. hi mam, good afternoon
    my name is zeni agustina
    you can callme zeni
    I from class X AP I
    i live in srobyong rt 2/rw 4
    my hobbies are traveling and listening to the music
    my have one sister
    that all…..thank you maammm
    nice to meet you

  43. hello……miss lisa
    my name is reni
    you can call me reni
    i from smp 1 bangsri
    i live in krasak bangsri rt03 rw17
    my hobbies are eating and reading the novel
    my father name i supani
    my mother name is sutinah
    my have two sister
    i from class x ap 1
    thank you mammmmm…..
    nice to meet you good afternoon

  44. Good afternoon miss ,,
    how are you?
    i hope you’re fine .

    i want to introduce my self to you ..
    my name is fitriana ,
    you can call me “fitri”..
    my classroom in X AK 1..
    i’m from junior high school 2 jepara..
    i’m fiveteen years old,,
    i was born in jepara, 2 october 1995..
    i live in Bandengan , RT 10/03 Jepara,,
    i live with my father and my mother,, i also have one sister and two brothers .. there are mu’inah, jumaidi, and sugiyono..
    my hobbies are reading, singing, listening music, etc..
    i’m very very like drama.. because this is become my hobby..
    my favorite food are fried rice, fried chicken, etc..
    and my favorite drink are tea, juice, pop ice, etc..
    miss, i also have a boy friend, named bayu..
    his school in SMA 1 Jepara,,
    i love his full..

    .ok miss,,
    i think that’s all,,
    thank you miss,,
    nice to meet you miss,,

  45. assalamu’Alaikum wr.wb

    hello miss. ………
    i want to introduce my self .
    my name is yeti prafiana ningrum .
    you can call me yeti .
    i’m from class X/PM-1 .
    i was born 7 februari 1995 .
    i live in ngabul rt 02 rw 01 .. ,,
    my hobby’s badminton , ,,
    my favorite food is fried rice .. ,
    my favorite drink is orange juice ..
    oK ,,,,,,,, .
    nicE to meet you … .. .

  46. assalamualaikum wr. wb

    hello miss
    let me introduce my self
    my name is fauza nurul aini
    you can call me fauza
    i from class XAP 1
    i live in krapyak/rt 02/rw 01
    i was born in jepara,14 januari 1995
    my hobby is reading a book
    my favorite colour is white
    i have one mother,one father,two sister,and one brother.

    okey miss
    nice to meet you miss………

    The time holiday yesterday,i and my frends went to the beach the beach was very clean. and it was look beutiful. in there, i executed various of kind.between,i swam,i made castle from sand,and i playd volley ball.then,i wolked a long beach.and i was enjoyed the wave beutiful.i felt satisfied atlast holiday……….

    ok guys…..this is my experience…..see you tomorrow….

  48. HI mom. it’s my experience

    8 years ago, I got a new bike from my perents. it was the best gift for my birthday. Unfortunately, I could not ride on yet. then I tried to learnriding it.
    on sunday morning, I pulled the bike with my hands to the football field near my house. then, I held the rudder tightly, sat on the bike seat and pedaled slowly. next, I added the speed, the bike run faster and faster. suddenly, the bike was shaking and the movement was uncontrolled. finally, it hit a tree on the side of the field. I fell and when I felt my knee, it was bleeding.
    although all my body was in pain, I was satisfied

  49. Hello is my experience

    9 years ago,the time holiday, i and my family went to the beach bondo.In the beach, i and the sisters take a bath, made house by white send, plyed ball. Day almost afternoon, we back to home. I very very happy because i can holiday with my family. I was statisfied

    key my friends, this is my experience and see you………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Dear Miss Lisa,I have a unforgetable experience.Now,I will tell it to you.
    When I was on MOS in junior high school,I was visited by my parents.A senior had called me,but I had not heard it.Suddenly,a boy senior was coming me,and he told me that my parents were waiting for me in teacher office.He was the boy whom I like.I was so surprissed,and he touched my hand to bring me to meet my parents.
    My parents told me that they would go to my grandparent’s house.After that I back to the yard with my senior.I was so happy.Because it was firstime I can see my prince heart.
    Well,Miss.It my unforgetable experience.I hope you like to read it.
    See you. ..

  51. my experience that I can’t to forget,
    the moment is I sam’s with my friends period small
    but with we the same’s we ware happy
    matter’s that we ware behaviour is to play
    we often to play in beach.
    in beach we to feel is free.
    to pass we bathed.
    after bath we climbed a tree for to dry we blouse….
    thit is my experience….thenk’s…

  52. hello miss…
    i’ll you a little of my experience in training time PASSUS .
    this is it the story ..

    a few days ago , i and all forces PASSUS practiced marching exercices , ranging from behind the right , facing right , facing left , push up i was never at all , but were told to push ups to more than 30 times .

    and another . till i fainted , but i passed out when the line was disbanded , i am very embarrassed by it .

    the next day , i wake up , hands and my stomach fells sick all , swelling ,, aawww…
    but nevermind what , this is also for the good of me and for my mental train ..

    it is my unforgetable experience ..

    thank you so much…

  53. hello miss….it’s my unforgetable experience
    Last week,my family and I went to the beach.We wanted to refresh our mind and enjoy the fresh air.We want there early in the morning by car.
    After parking our car,we walked along the beach barefooted.We could feel in the smoothness of the sand.The cold sea water touched our feet.Many children built sandcastles.Some of them played with their balls.We also saw some people sunbathe.
    After,I was interested in doing the something.I made sand castle with my sister.Meanwhile my brother collected some sea shells.
    I was so happy and really enjoyed that day.

  54. Hay miss……
    I have a unforgetable Experience,,
    Now,,i will tell it tu you….

    Four year ago,,my classmate and teacher holiday year ago moment went to prambanan and borobudur temple.
    First….I and my classmate went to prambanan temple.there,i and friends walked a roumd prambanan temple.
    Last….i,friend and teacher went to borobudur temple. there,i saw person strange more photo.
    It was tiring but we were satisfied and not once i forget.

    holiday is very_very happy…………
    thank miss,,

  55. Morning miss lisa.., how are you to day? i hope fine. i want to tell my personal experiences during the Eid holiday last week.

    Holiday idul fitri in yesterday’s very exciting for me, because my boyfriend for a year without the blessing of our relationship finally came to my house. after that we visited my grandmother’s house. there they were also pleased with the arrival of me and my boyfriend. after that my boyfriend invited me visit his house extended family. i am very pleased.

    I don’t think it turns out her family a lot. I’m tired of shaking hand with them. at first i was ashamed of them, but they are very well, consider me in like family. that day was best day of my life.

    that’s one of my personal experience.. I hope you liked my story.

    thanks… “*(@_^)*”

  56. HI Miss
    I have a unforgetable Experience,,
    I will tell You about it…….

    “My Birthday”
    Last year, on Septembre 27th 2009 was my birthday. there was a special event because it held i a religious feast or LOMBAN.

    In the morning my friends came to my house, they are my best friends, named Nayla, Rosyi, Lintang, Nandria. After that they invited me to go to park. Suddenly my friends threw egg and flour into me. Than they left me alone in the park. I was very scared, shamed and conviused. There all people watched me and to laugh me, it was very tobe ashamed of. Next, I went to my friend’s house, Rosyi. Obvious they stayed there. After that, they threw my motorcycle by egg. Than I cleaned it. Suddenly my motorcycle’s key was lost. I was conviused to find it. Obvious it was their acted. suddenly They sang a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” song and gave a cake to me. I was very surprised. Before I blew candie, I made a wish to the god. Next I ate together with my friends.

    It was very a happy day, but…..I was very disappointed because someone who I loved can’t came. Maybe, this experience common, but for me the experience can’t forgot and that day. it was an exciting experience

    that’s one of my personal experience..Thanks..

  57. HI Miss
    I have a unforgetable Experience,,
    I will tell You about it…….


    Two years ago, my school had a picnic to “BALI”. We went at 13th June 2009 at 12.00 and arrived in Bali at 06.30. The place wich we visited first was “TANJUNG BENOA and SIGHTSEEING NUSA DUA”. It is the central of water game in Bali. Apart visited Tanjung Benoa and Sightseeing Nusa Dua, we also visited Tanah Lot, Sanur Beach, BCC, Sangeh, Joger,etc. We also don’t forgot to shopping and bought souvenir to family and friends in home, we bought it at central of souvenir named “SUKAWATI”.

    Next day we visited “KUTA BEACH” and we met with a someone celebrity of Indonesia, named Panji. We took a picture and have a good time. Because it was going to night, we came back to the hotel to had a break. That night was last night we had picnic in Bali.

    Early in the morning, we prepared to came back to Jepara, but before that we visited “BEDUGUL”. there was very cold but it was very exciting. After that, we entered to the bus to came back to Jepara.

    Three days in Bali I felt very tried, but I was very happy because was can’t forgot experience

    Ok Miss it is about my experience…thanks….

  58. hello miss lisa, I will story my experience, , ,

    two weeks a go, I went to place very beautiful at highland, in village plajan.

    tripe perhaps two o’clock from my home. I went together my cousin by motorcycle. wonderful, landscap it very beautiful trees, birds deceive,and flower to swell.

    I take pleasure in peaceful, and place it not popular after,satisfied played over there. I and my cousin went home.

    I felt very happy, can there..

    thanks miss.. [^_^] => {~_~}

  59. hello miss,…
    my name is rendra class Xpm 1,,,,,
    i went to my experience…
    ” go to yogjakarta”

    i very-very happy in jogja,..
    because i have comming to “kota pahlawan”….
    and in jogja i have shopping and coming to malyoboro….

    i take pleasure in peaceful, and place itnot popular after,safisfied played over there…

    i felt very happy ,can there…

    thanks miss….^_^……..

  60. hello miss
    my name is bayu aristiawan class X PM 1
    i went to my experience
    ‘go to yogyakarta

    i very happy in yogja’
    because i have comming to kota pahlawan and in yogja i have shopping and comming to malioboro

    i take pleasure in peacful,and place i not populerafler,safisid played over here….

    i felt very happy,can there

    thank miss…….

  61. Hay miss…

    Experience is never forgotten at holiday time my friends to “Jakarta”…

    when travel very fun,because of departure-do and views that are around feel natural.
    when arrived at the resorts TMII,there was as exciting vacation because we could get a wider knowledge.And more fun again when the see the show 3d….

    I was verry happy,,because was can’t forgot experience

    Thanks miss…

  62. HI miis..
    i have a unforgetable experience,
    and i will tell to you ..
    “My Best Gift”
    i was 8th in third grader it was a beatifull memory and so unforgetable.
    there was my 8th birthday.i felt very happy because i always get my gift for every my birthday.but especially in my 8th i didn’t get a gift from my parents.
    in the night, i couldn’t stop thinking abaut what kind of gift which would be given to 8 o’clock all of my family were in living room.they asked me to wear the best cloth.after that, they invited me to go any where which i didn’t know the a trip i was sleeping.
    And then i woke up and saw that we still in the trip. i always asked to them where do we go. but no one answered my question. finally in a short time we arrived in one place which looked so large and crawded.and then i read a board in a front of that place, that was “DUFFAN”.
    there was i know that my gift is going to “DUFFAN” which i got in my birthday that year.

    thank miss..

  63. hello miss …

    i have a unforgetable experience … ….
    i want to tell my experience ,,, ,,, ,,
    point of time long ago , i still junior high schol ,
    i came late to the scholl ,because i got up late.
    i was ten minute late. so i ran hurriedly to meet
    the teacher who was on duty.
    i had to get a permission letter from teachers who ware on duty.
    mrs. endang asked me a few questions ….
    why i was late ,,,,???
    she advised me to get up earlier next time .
    then she gave him the letter of permission .
    i ran hurriedly to my classroom.
    the first period was mathematics. i showed her the permission letter the she let me sit and attend the lesson. …

    oK miss ,,,,,, it is about my experience … .. .
    tank’s you very much ,,,,,,, . .

  64. Hello miss,

    I have a unforgetable experience,,
    I will tell you about it.

    Two years ago I,my parent,,and my brother when a holiday to the beach.I and my family prepared early in the father drove the car parent went to the gas station to buy the fuel for his car.They bought a full tank of the fuel.After getting to destination.They had lunch,we felt hungry after a long journey.we ate under the coconut trees on the white sand.
    Then I and my brother swam,and took a walk in the beach before I and my family went home at 3 in the evening.We all felt tired but I and my family were very happy.., ..,

    OK,.. it’s my experience… ,
    thanks miss… ,

  65. Hello miss,

    I have a unforgetable experience,,
    I will tell you about it.

    Two years ago I,my parent,,and my brother when a holiday to the beach.I and my family prepared early in the father drove the car parent went to the gas station to buy the fuel for his car.They bought a full tank of the fuel.After getting to destination.They had lunch,we felt hungry after a long journey.we ate under the coconut trees on the white sand.
    Then I and my brother swam,and took a walk in the beach before I and my family went home at 3 in the evening.We all felt tired but I and my family were very happy.., ..,

    OK,.. it’s my experience… ,
    thanks miss… ,

  66. Hi miss . . .
    How are you?

    Miss,I have some experinces in my life.And I want to tell of them to you and my friends.
    In my Junior High School,at MtSn Bawu Jepara.I enough active.I followed some activity.They were OSIS,journalism,and boy schout.
    I want to tell my experience when I followed boy schout activity.
    Once upon time,when my friends and I played flying fox.We were so happy.My friends slipped from over to under the tree.It was so happy.And after waited,finally I played.My felt so happy,afraid,and tight.But I tryed to slow down.
    “Three,two,one go….”I slipped.And suddenly I stopped centre rope.I was so afraid and I stopped about two minutes.And when I looked to under.It was so horrible.Finally,after two minutes.I slipped so quick.And my heart said,”alhamdulillah.”
    Ok miss,,it my experince.And I never forget it.
    See you in your class . . .

  67. hello mom……….
    I want to tell you about my experience unforgettable……

    Once, when I was in Junior High School, I had 4 friend. They are fika, ita’, inung and vian. They are always there when I needed them. They are always there when I’m happy or difficult. I’m very happy to have friends like them.

    Maybe it was an unforgettable experience for me……..because I have found friends like them…..

    Hopefully mom happy to read it
    Thank you mom…………

  68. hello mom………
    I want to tell you about my experience unforgettable….

    2 months ago,I and my father went to the 03 smk jepara to register as a student of the school on the first day, me and my father came at 09.00. I arrived at 09.00 because at my home school, then there is anouncement that the original SKHU will be given…
    After up to me and my father was looking for information about ways that registration is on blackboard, after it became clear with the terms. Our immediate purchase from in front of the library. Then after getting the form. I immediately fill out the from and went into room 2 for collecting it.
    When I majored in AP , but after getting the announcement on the last day, I was not accepted in the majors.
    And I’m still happy even though I was in the majors PM, because I believe GOD would give the best to me……….

    Thank you mom……….

  69. hello miss….
    how are you??? ^_^

    my name is gregorius ardo dedali class X pm1 ,
    I went to my experience, go to bali
    I very-very happy in bali,
    because i have comming to kute beach
    and in bali I have shopping and I lodge in hotel

    I was verry happy,,because was can’t forgot experience

    Thanks miss… ^_^’

  70. hello miss….

    my name is M.nasrudin class Xpm1

    I will narrate experience of me in semarang
    there I visit noodle factory.
    there I see the way of making of noodle, and there also I is given by noodle, I very happy , before going home I buy present for family ,after buying my present return home.

    I was verry happy,,because was can’t forgot experience

    thanks miss . . . . . . .

  71. hello miss….

    my name is M.nasrudin class Xpm1

    I will narrate experience of me in semarang
    there I visit noodle factory.
    there I see the way of making of noodle, and there also I is given by noodle, I very happy , before going home I buy present for family ,after buying my present return home.

    I was verry happy,,because was can’t forgot experience

    thanks miss

  72. hello miss….

    I will narrate experience of me in semarang
    there I visit cocacola factory. and there also I is given by cocacola, I very happy , and I get unforgettable experience, before going home I buy present for family ,after buying my present return home…

    i felt very happy ,can there…
    txs miss,,, love u ……

  73. hello miss…
    it’s my experience ..

    i never forgot M.O.S in SMKN 3 JEPARA
    i and my friends are very angry,to senior..
    because i hate very to they…
    but i thought that M.O.S to there use ,then night sunday withdray PERSAMI,i body fell sick ,because i’m very happy…
    so i never forgot M.O.S time in SMKN 3 JEPARA….

    thanks N see you bye-bye

  74. on 26 february last year my good friend’s birthday,her named febby,and 2 the next day was mybirthday. we make plans to celebrate our birthday on the 27th february. only when we came home tutoring math at mrs. sukma home. on that day i forgot to bring gift that will give to febby. finally my best friend gave me a gift in advance and i give her gift 2 days longer when there are more math tutoring. but i was very surprised when i opening a gift from her.. and i took initiative to provide surprises as a subtitute forget tobring gift for her. i wrapped the gift again and again.right on the day i gave gifts for her. she was shocked when she opening gifts from me. because she had to open my gift from repeatedly……………..

  75. hallo mis…..

    i will narrate experience of me in bandung
    there i visit ciamplas, cibaduyut, and tangkuban prau
    i am very happy
    and in bandung have shopping and sleep over in hotel
    holiday is funny because my family and i can holiday together

    in there buy some clothes and the price is good..
    after holiday my family and i go to home…..

    thanks N see you

  76. hello miss,
    it’s my experience. .

    month ago, precisely in the month of August. I never thought if I selected a choir at my new school for the flag ceremony to commemorate the birthday of the Republic of Indonesia 65. before the 17th of August arrived, all of which became official ceremony could prepare themselves for the ceremony run smoothly.
    I had to go through training every day, although the body feels tired, and it was fast. but considering the spirit of the fighters who had set free the people of Indonesia, I was practicing with my friends spirit.i and 11 represent the class 10 for alloy .so I am proud also can follow the activities . what have I lived this gives a good benefit for me and everything.
    so that I feel sat following the activity, initially, I’m afraid if I am wrong and different from friends and my senior.spirit this independence, was in felt by all officers.
    after the ceremony was finished 17an am very happy to run well, and exercise for this is not in vain.
    after the ceremony finished, the officers and supervisors passus photo .has a little story about this experience.
    I will never forget my experiences in the days of the Republic of Indonesia which b’day 65th independence ll I’ll fill it with something positive.
    horey ….! spirit of independence. . . .! Horey …! I love Indonesia.

    ok.thanks miss.
    and see you

  77. HelloMiss
    Ihave a unforgetable experiene
    I willtellyou aboutit….

    Last year I went toBali by puspa Wisata tourwith my friend.
    One two day we visited Tanjung Benoa. There we rode banana boat .
    Our hearts werebeating becauseit ran fast. After that we rode a speed boat. In the middle of the cape, it stopped ,we saw any kinds of fish from the bottom of the boat because it was made of glass. The we wento to Turtle Island with the same boat. We took some photographs with the cute Turtles. At noon we returned to the beach and got to our bus.
    It was tiring but we were Happy 🙂

  78. hello miss….
    i have a experience….
    i will tell you about it. . .

    _going to A book Store_
    last week , i went to book store with my brother. we wanted rto buy some books and comics there…. the book store was not so far from our house. we went there by motorcycle. we left home at 4 p.m. the traffic to the book store was not crowded. so, after 25 minutes, we arrived at the book store.
    there were many people at the book store. i saw some people choosing kinds ofv book like magazines, comics, etc. they were arranged on book shlves. some people read in front of the shelves. we chose some books and comics we needed and went to the cashier.
    after that, we went to a restaurant for having meal. i ordered meat balls and soft drink. my brother ordered fried noodle and soft drink too.
    finally, we went home in the evening. we arrived home at 7.15 p.m. we felt tired but we were happy….

    ok , thanks miss.. . .

  79. Hello miss…….

    I will tell you about my experience a long this holiday and idu fitri day….

    a long this holiday i often played to home`s my friend,i meet some my friend of elementary school.And time of idul fitri day i visited to home`s my teachers and apologize to they all because i have many wrong with they.i`am so happy because a long this hooliday i have many time to rest and played to home`s my friends.

    That finish…….. thank you miss…..

  80. hi mom…. and this my experience

    3 weeks ago i and my sister went to the market in the market is very busy . in here i bought fish and crab because in the market is very busy sundenly there is some one hit me until my food come in water ,i angried then my sister and i back to home and cleaned my food is dirty , altought my food come in water but take a walk in the market is very happy

  81. holliday whit my family

    last month i and my family went to home my grandmother .after that i and my family came to home my grandmother in there i stay only 3 days after that i and my family homeward to jepara……………………..

  82. last years I and friend osis held exhaust in mosari.we were there 2 days.first days we wre to help there people cleaned street.there people very good because they were gave food and drink.then in the night all member to meet together,next all lamp to die.that moment we were store expression you fell.crying and sad that is fell.second day we were arrange equipment and prepare to back home.finishhhhhhh.

  83. hi mom…….
    it`s my experiance….

    I same time the new year, my family went to the montain marsh, said my father there was a beautiful place and nice. then, me and my mather was corius, so i and my family there, after arriving in place. i and my family was shocked becose the place already so dirty ugly very ugly scenery. anyway, because my father`s time there was not married. so my father thought the place was good.

  84. Hi mom……
    it`s my experiance…………

    Mos time, i really hate, because every day when mos held senior elder broder scolded continue the same, just resent full really that a litle impresion of my experience mos time a very frustrating and dissappointing. mos likely the physical training and bravery but i think it is very dissappointing really.

  85. hi mom………. how are you. “IN THE DAY BIRTHDAY” on this happy day there was not much activity that I do, as in previous years I only undergo this significant day with regular activity only tua.tak congratulations from people like any other child who is always in celebrating by inviting his friends or a holiday with the closest possible, but for me it is not meaningful because all I need is the prayer of parents itj aja dah enough ……

  86. Hello mom
    My name is Daud Wideosi Rosiawan (X-tkj 2). i wiil experience tells in PMR.
    participate during the implementation of the subsequent decision PMR badge.
    all students must bring lunch to follow his brother ruled the class. and have to come at 06.00 pm. I went over 30 minutes and missed all the provisions of the rice. my in scold elder brother classroom and punished under the pole the flag.

  87. Hello mom…liza…. How are you…….?
    My name is andi aryanto
    From :Xpm1
    I will tell you about my experience along this holiday.

    “Amazing Sights at Candi Borobodur”

    Borobodur is a 9th century Mahayana Buddhist Monument in Central Java, Yogyagarta said to be the single most frequently visited tourist attraction in Indonesia. Built as a single large stupa (i.e. a mound containing Buddha relics) taking the form of a step-pyramid with 9 platforms: the lower 6 are square & the upper 3 are circular.Its architectural design reflects India’s influence on the region,yet with local touch incorporated to make this monument uniquely Indonesian. A main dome at the top center of the platform is surrounded by 72 seated Buddha statues each enclosed within a perforated mound. An amazing sight to behold.

  88. Hello miss,?? how are you
    My name ahmad amrul faizin
    I’am class X PM 1
    I will tell you about my experience along this holiday

    This is a Buddhist Temple. Located at a peaceful environment!! I tried my guide suggestion to tried the spiritual journey. Stepping our feet to level of temple one by one by a spiral pattern. Reading all the relief which have full of life philosophy. I never can’t stop to speechless!! It’s awesome!! When I got the peak, we called that “Stupa” wow!!!! So peaceful… full of breezes feel as a heaven in the world!!!

    Borobudur more organized now. They advised all the passengers to wearing a sarong before go in. Many securities stand by surrounding temple, it’s good as sometime little kids always try to climb just to take a picture.

    • Assalamualaikum.,,
      hello Mrs.Liza.,.
      My name is FAJAR
      My class X_pm1
      with this opportunity I would like to tell you about my experience.,., that is my experience when I was at boarding school Muhamadiyah” KUDUS ”
      One day me and my friends want to go to the holy towers, precisely at the time of school holidays in the evening, as night came to me and my friends get ready from the hut, hut us out secretly because, we are prohibited by the board to not be out tonight.
      When the managers were away we were soon out of the hut and we were rushed to the tower, but a trip there in the middle of thugs who want to ask for our money.,., We also ran but unfortunately we were caught and we were handed our money .,., after that I give up for an evening out again.,,
      It was my most thrilling experience so far.,.,
      thank you

    • assalamualaikum,,,
      hello ms liza,,
      my name is ahmad rois c
      my class x_pm1
      When you wake up on Monday morning, I was very surprised because look at the rooms have been shown at 6:30 pm. I just got up and headed to the bathroom. Up in the bathroom suddenly I slip.
      After a shower, I dressed in school, eat breakfast and go to school on a motorbike. Arriving at school I saw my bag to retrieve a hat. To my surprise, my hat was not in the bag. Because it was a Monday I went home to take the hat. I finished taking the hat back to school by riding a motorcycle. Suddenly on the road my bike broke down, after the gas was checked out. I pushed the bike forced to look for retail gasoline outlets. Fortunately, the sale of gasoline is not far away. I bought a liter of petrol and gas to immediately step into the school.
      On arrival at the school were the students had gathered on the field. The ceremony was about to begin. I too hastily ran to the parade ground. When the ceremony begins immediately give principal briefing on school discipline. Suddenly there came a teacher to check the neatness of his students, and unfortunately my hair long valued by the teacher and the teacher was immediately cut my hair
      With hair that is not frivolous, I go directly to the classroom to follow lessons. lesson has homework (homework) and I forgot to do this task then punished by the teacher to make the task three times.

  89. Hello miss Lisa?? how are you
    my name zulinda maulina
    I’am class X PM 2
    i will tell you about my experience along this holiday

    on Friday. I prepare to travel to get up at 4:00 jogja, I left home at 05:00. after arriving at the school was no one.i’am wait until 07:00 hours and the bus came. bus.i’am and friends rose to share travel striker to a friend
    on the way we sing together
    We spent 5 hours to get to Jogja
    I have been shopping there in malioboro to buy souvenirs.
    after that, we continued our trip to Borobudur temple, after arriving there we ran to the entrance and we were photographed in candi.before us back to the bus but we got lost, we had time to cry, we cry it drew the attention of other visitors, and while teachers we found us and took us to the bus and we went back to jepara

  90. assalamualaikum,,
    hello ms liza,,
    my name is fakhruddin
    my class x pm1
    As an old school boys would love to fly kites or kite. Even kites not only played by children but also by parents. If another season playing kites every day from noon until almost sunset so many people complain kites. Well this story happened when I was in kindergarten. It was a Sunday so no school. Still morning about 8:00 I took the kite and try to raise the kite. The morning air was still calm no wind blowing. But the little boy his name is no wind or not thinkers. The important thing is to play kites. told to say later.

    At the time I joined my mother’s uncle, his home doubles as a grocery shop. His house alongside a road fork road. The dominant vehicle when it is gig. In place wagon called a gig. On the road around the shop is a hangout spot gig / parking lot waiting for passengers. Usually if it is “interesting” when hung horse given to drink and eat. Horse food is grass that has been cut into small pieces mixed with bran and given water. The horse was put into the food bucket

    • nama : Fahrul Arjianto
      kelas : X PM 1

      Ramadan time experience

      I want to tell you about my experience.
      I still remember it when the day was -9 H widths. My parents were away. I also became bored as at home alone.
      Soon the phone rang … it turns out that my friend called, he would invite me for a walk. without thinking I will direct to confirm though their invitation.

      Time flies, already more than five hours of our streets. Fatigue and hunger began to be felt. When passing in front of our stomachs rumbling food stalls, so we could not help it.
      And finally with a heavy heart, we also decided to go in and immediately ordered. Five minutes later our table delicacies meet. I think we’ve had enough to eat. But is not that easy, we remember that we are fasting. And finally we also did not eat it, and immediately wrap the food. Because we remember that the drum sunset just stay four hours.
      After that we also came home each. I was alone again, As tired and laparpun could not hold me in trying to close my eyes for a while until finally I will be asleep.
      I wonder what makes me sleep very soundly. I woke up and I see still dark. My heart felt very happy because finally I will soon break. I can not wait to eat food that had been bought. Soon as I was about to open the fridge, I glanced at a clock on the wall was already 8 pm. I will eat my food.
      So my experience …

  91. hello miss my name is ahmad riyanto from x tkj 1,this my experience
    Eat a horse fall in place.
    As an old school boys would love to fly kites or kite. Even kites not only played by children but also by parents. If another season playing kites every day from noon until almost sunset so many people complain kites. Well this story happened when I was in kindergarten. It was a Sunday so no school. Still morning about 8:00 I took the kite and try to raise the kite. The morning air was still calm no wind blowing. But the little boy his name is no wind or not thinkers. The important thing is to play kites. Makanpun told to say later.At the time I joined my mother’s uncle, his home doubles as a grocery shop. His house alongside a road dipertigaan road. The dominant vehicle when it is gig. Ditempatku wagon called a gig. On the road around the shop is a hangout spot gig / parking lot waiting for passengers. Usually if it is “interesting” when hung horse given to drink and eat. Horse food is grass that has been cut into small pieces (chopped) mixed with bran and given water. The horse was put into the food bucket (called didaerahku komboran)I play in front of the house and its surroundings. Because it has not been good at and there is no wind the kite did not go up and up. But as I kept trying. If not wind, kites usually raise it while playing back to back. Likewise, I keep trying to manarik kite string and pulled her backwards.If it was no longer concerned about, which is seen kites (which do not rise and rise). Hold it back when suddenly …. gubrak …. there are things that I stumble over my back. It was none other than a feeding bucket horses. I also sat down in the bucket where the horses eat it komboran alias. The pain is not how but when I sat diember horse’s head above the head with a big, big teeth. I’m afraid that if bitten, then I cry aloud. Then rescued by a charioteer and brought the pack home. Bran and grass-stained pants. Fortunately (Javanese always be lucky) the horse was not surprised. If the shock and continued to run I might get hit / run over dokarnya. Since then I can no longer play the beats on the streets.

  92. hello,,,miss my name is ELLA from X PM 2
    this my experience

    “An unforgettable holiday”
    During the scool holidays arrive, I asked my friends on holiday together to Kartini beach, there we walked along the beach and also enjoy a very free atmosphere I and my friends were joking with each other once in while there is only one of my friends who slyly, always nosy and irritating. But if there is nothing he feels lonely becouse he is the fifth most cheerful among my friends besides that I and my friends to buy a snack at the coast. This holiday is not forgetten and will always be momerable in my mind.

  93. Good day, miss Lisa

    My name is Khoirul Afif from XTKJ-1. I write my special moment about Futsal.
    I love futsal game. And I have unforgettable moment last Sunday tournament’s futsal.

    I went to futsal tournament in Welahan. I was one of futsal’s player for SMEA. First game, our team met team from Mayong. We won the game with score 4-1. Our next challenge are SMA I Jepara. We have to beat them to play with SMA Darul Ulum. Thanks God, we won the game with best score, 3-0. The best moment for me was … I SCORED ALL THE GOALS!

    After the game, everyone adored me! They said my shooting technique are greats! Next round, SMEA won the game. After 3 more games, we were in tournament’s final. SMEA team have had to defeat SABILUL ULUM. We finished the game in same score, 3-3. Pak Adi, our coach, asked me to be the third shooter for penalty. Unfortunatly, we could not win the game with penalty. Then we used coin to finish all tournament, and SMEA won the tournament.

    So, I have 2 unforgetable moment: I scored all goals in one game, but I can’t help my team to win the tournament.

    Khoirul Afif

  94. Good afternoon, miss Lisa
    My name is M. Yazid Romli from XTKJ-2. I have special moment with a nice policeman and fast riding motorbike.

    Friday morning. I was in rush for a rather late woke up. That day, I have small time for my morning rituals.
    I take a bath very fast, wore my uniform and my shoes. And then I said good bye to my parents, kissed they hand. I went to school riding my motorbike very fast, because I don’t want to late. When I’m in town square, suddenly, a policeman stopped me. I was shocked and afraid he will take my bike. I stopped my motorbike, and apologized to him. I told him that I almost late for my school. Thanks God he understood and let me go. He warned me to ride slowly and obey safety riding. I have had to ride wisely. Thank you to Mr Nice policeman for giving me warm warning.

    Thank you miss Lisa,
    M. Yazid romli
    Class xTKJ-2

  95. about a month ago I was the same way my friend .. without wearing footwear .. We walked quite a distance .. up in the middle of the street I step on broken glass is very small .. my feet hurt a lot of blood coming out, but because my good friend to me, he would carry me down to a convenient place to clean and treat the wound on my leg ..
    . the experience that I can not forget

    nama : yuliana setianingrum
    kelas : Xtp4

  96. Goodnight, miss Lisa
    My name is Nafa Maria Ulfa, and I have a special moment on village

    Holiday in the Village
    At that time on my holiday, I and my family got the holiday in the village, in Semarang, central Java. I saw the natural view it was very beautiful and the wind was very cool. I also visited the garden.
    It was wonderfull experience for me and unforgettable moment in my life. I was enjoy in semarang. And it was a nice holiday.

    Thank you miss Lisa
    Best Regards
    Nafa Maria Ulfa

  97. Goodnight, miss Lisa
    My name is Nafa Maria Ulfa from X PM 1, and I have a special moment on village

    Holiday in the Village
    At that time on my holiday, I and my family got the holiday in the village, in Semarang, central Java. I saw the natural view it was very beautiful and the wind was very cool. I also visited the garden.
    It was wonderfull experience for me and unforgettable moment in my life. I was enjoy in semarang. And it was a nice holiday.

    Thank you miss Lisa
    Best Regards
    Nafa Maria Ulfa

  98. assalamualaikum Mrs Liza

    My name: Muhammad Rifqi
    Class: X MM

    I want to tell about a memorable experience, it happened when I was a smp, when I was a football tournament.
    final time, in the second half my captain is injured I was surprised when the coach appointed me captain of a substitute, but I have never been captain of our team and the position of being tertingal 1-0.
    luckily I did not fail in that moment, I gave one assits and one goal. so that we can win that final game.
    I can not forget that moment …
    that was my experience is not forgotten.
    thank you


  99. hello mis liza
    My name: Bima wahyu Azhary
    class: X MM

    i’am going to tell you an unforgettable moment in my life, it happened when my second grade smp, precisely at the time of the semester holidays. I visited my brother’s solo spot, I went there alone.
    I would like to add my experience there I traveled by bus to Semarang, Semarang I booked travel on to solo.
    jepara-solo trip is five hours,

    I was an unforgettable moment, although only five hours, but it is fun and can add to my courage,

    unforgettable moments that I mis.
    Thank you so much.

  100. hay miss liza

    I’ll tell you my experience, this happens precisely when I was little I was fishing, my fishing in the lake near my home.
    I ventured to hire a boat to try out in the lake, I think in the middle of the lake I’ll get a lot of fish.

    Arriving in the middle of the lake I immediately threw my ng pot, all of a sudden my rod vibrates, unfortunately I get a fish instead of fish that pull me into the lake, so I plunged into the lake
    I was unconscious.

    I am lucky, I was at home awakening.
    I turned on the help of a kindly man,
    That’s an unforgettable experience I

    by: Denny shahrul Efendy
    thank you very much miss

  101. Hi mom …
    how are you mom .. ?
    my name is Muhammad Sholikh Ardyansyah, class X Multimedia

    I will tell the moment when I was a race bike races, a week before the race started I dropped the bike in while training.
    it resulted in me in a race that allow parents, but I managed to convince my parents, thanks to the blessing of my parents diligently practiced and the results are satisfactory, I managed to win the bike race.
    I am really happy, that’s my unforgettable moments.

    Muhammad Sholikh Ardyansyah

  102. assalamualaikum wr. wb hello miss let me introduce myself my name is Andika Arma Saputra You can call me andika I am from the class X AP 3 I live in Mulyoharjo Rt 01/03 I was born in Jepara, March 23, 1996 My hobby is singing My favorite color is white and black I have one mother, one father, one brother and one sister
    Here I will share the experience when I go to bed around was a few months ago, I felt strange, at that time I was going to bed at about 9, the more I feel myself getting scared too, I can only pray that I can, then heard a voice crying child who did not stop crying, I try to stay asleep, but still it can not, until I closed my ears to bolster the sound, but still it was still audible, hinga middle of the night I still could not sleep, I’m even more scared, but over time I do not know how suddenly fall asleep alone, and the next day I asked my brother who was watching tv last night, was at the time of the incident he had not heard anything, and he answered no nothing even at that scene scene laugh, then I think so “let’s just plain hallucinations”

    That’s the experience that I could not forget, to continue to this day remembered
    okay miss nice to meet you miss ……… thank you

  103. Assalamulaikum wr.wb
    Hello miss,.,., how are you miss ??
    introduce, my name M.Samsul Khafidhin, I’ll tell you my experience of playing ball,
    At that time I’ll play ball with friends, then I happened to be a keeper, I am very happy, because I was happy to be a goalkeeper.
    when my friend was doing a very quick counter-attack and kick the ball very hard, I was not ready, and finally the ball right on my face.
    It hurt at all, I was only able to let go,
    * that was my experience while playing the ball #
    * thank you #
    wassalamuailaikum wr.wb

  104. Good morning, Miss Lisa
    My name is Muhammad Yusuf from X TKJ 2, I have a very impressive story about my holiday in Malang.
    Two years ago, me and my friends go to Malang City, after me and my friends until in Malang at 2 night, we stayed in a hotel.
    In the morning we continued on to JatimPark. Once there, we go straight into the sights. At the sane time we tried a few games, after we are satisfied we play back to the hotel for dinner. Then we retired to the hotel after that we went back to home.

    Thank you Miss Lisa,
    Muhammad Yusuf
    Class X TKJ 2.

  105. good afternoon miss,these personal stories me,

    My name is kamalludin . I was born in jepara -bangsri. March 1 1996, So now I am 16
    years old. I am the first child in my family . I do not
    have brother. I am daughter of Mr. T.HARYANTO
    and Ms. kastimah. I am very happy have parents
    like them.
    My hobbies are chatting, play,etc. My favorite food are chiken,
    chocolate, ice cream, etc. I am good, helpfull, funny,
    cheerful, humble, and Iam not hot head.
    I began my education in smk n 3jepara. I got precious experience
    there. I grad ated from elementary in 2011. I continue in university. I got new story, new experience, and many
    new friends. There very fun.

    all this for me,

    nama :kamalludin
    X TKJ I.

  106. Hello miss Lisa,
    My name is Noor Mylla Safitri, from class X MULTIMEDIA.
    I want to talk about memorable experiences IN BEACH,
    Three years ago , me and my family went to the beach.We went there by car. The weather was nice and the sun shine brightly. We walked a long the beach , the scenery was very beautiful. We were very happy and feel fresh.
    We were played on the beach sand. We built some kind of sand castle we wanted. There were a lot of children build sand castle too. We were played a game. Although we were tired, we were very happy.

    Thank you miss,,

  107. Hello miss , let me introduce my self my name is RATNA EKA SARI , you can call me RATNA , I’am from the class X-AP3 .
    Here I will share the experience when I go to recreation in lamongan , a few years a go , in my SD time me and my friend recriation to TANJUNG KODOK or marine tourism lamongan , and the journey there takes 7 hours to go there , and in my travels and my friends in fun joking and singing .
    After until my friend and I headed to the place , and there are so my games , I’am most afraid of when the jet cliembedcouster expression my face tence and afraid to try the game after that I tried another game and the last thing I wait when out of mytour and my friend headed to the shopping .
    And when I want to pay my wallet was missing and I was scared and confused look nervous . my friends on the lokking for my wallet but ther was no keep me and my friends are not so shopping around and headed for the carride home .

  108. Hello miss Lisa ,
    My name is Achla Fachlia Laili. I am from X AP3.
    I want to tell you about my experience in Bandung.

    Last year , I , students and teachers of smp 6 jepara tour in Bandung. We went there by bus.
    I visited some place are Ciater , Iptek’s museum , Situpategan’s lake and Cibaduyut.
    First place , I visited Ciater. It was warm bathing place. Then , I visited Iptek’s museum. There was some thing unique. I get new knowledge. Next , I visited Situpategan’s lake. The scenery was very beautiful. The air was very cold. Last place , I visited Cibaduyut. It was shopping center. Something was very cheap. I also buy some souvenirs for my family.
    I was very happy , because it was the most beautiful moment with my friends in smp , the importance was 9A , my class .
    It was my unforgettable experience.

  109. thanks for all comments on my wordpress….
    add me on your fb account also
    by : AKOE LIZA

  110. hello mam ……….
    introduce my name is brian agung yulianto
    class x broadcasting

    assalamuallaikum wr wb.

    I want to share my memories are not forgotten

    memories are not forgotten as a test and got bad grades. especially if there is remidi. it feels like life is not like school anymore. but I wanted to pursue my dream as high as possible and I want to stay in school.
    and make life as easy as possible. important happy …………….

  111. assalamualaikum wr wb ……..
    hello miss … , Good night
    how are you ………..??
    Here I will tell you the most memorable experiences in my life
    When I was little, Eid adl one moment of which I was waiting along the epidemic. At that time, my sister and I get dress “uniform” made by my brother pake nenek.aku dg shirt style model and the same material. About the color, sometimes together, sometimes different. Then a lot of good food made by grandma, mum, aunt, complete

    Usually also if Eid, around the village, get good food. In addition there is a chance met distant relatives. I remember a close relative, his aunt. We subscriptions grandmother scolded shouted from singing songs like Ari Wibowo

    Then there are many others. If diceritain one by one, well, can be long

    The most memorable Eid may not be going home when I was about 2 epidemic ago. At that time, I felt alone and unconscious bener family if it does means a lot of Things. minal aidzin say wal faidzin to charge through the following telephone grandparents wrote. And grandparents at home, my family get together to complete. So already, I’m alone at night takbiran, the next in prayer ied out, I went around the village on their own without my family, luckily there are still my friends who accompanied me and a little treat loneliness.

  112. Hello miss lisa
    My name is zulfanadia from X-pm2

    experience of falling from the motor

    This experience started when I was in sixth grade of elementary school. I was told to learn to ride a motorcycle.
    my dad was behind me encouraging profit.
    I was initially unsure if I could have guns, and the bike path, I was nervous until I and my father fell into the gutter, there are also a lot of people my father and me to shame people iti dilihatin and also help us.
    It is one of experience fell from the second motor.yang when I want to pick up my mother came home from a friend’s house through an intersection and there when I want to stop being accidentally I fell to my mom and my mom finally do not want to go home with me and chose to walk alone. but fortunately there is a passing neighbor until my mother came home at tetengga me.
    there I was embarrassed because a lot of street highway orangdan tenyunya many see as well if I fall.
    so enough of my first story.
    thank you

  113. Hello miss LISA
    My name is PUTRI WIJIJATI
    Class X-PM 2

    Experience of ”WAKE UP LATE”

    when you wake up on Monday morning I woke up at 6:30 WIB. I immediately went straight to the bathroom shower, I dress immediately after bath breakfast, after breakfast I went straight to school.arrive to school that day I forgot that certain ceremonies Monday, and I forgot to bring topi.lau I came home to take a bike ride motor.tiba hat suddenly strike the road bike, gasoline turns out, fortunately I do not see much gasoline sellers as well, then I buy gasoline as soon as possible, straight home to take his hat topi.arrive I went straight back to school quickly. Arriving at school turns out my friends were all in the field. I immediately hurry kelapangan.untung ceremony has not yet begun. not long before the ceremony begins, the principal gave the mandate of school discipline, I feel very offended. after the ceremony I quickly went back to class because I was ashamed of it had been late to school. time had come home from school I told my mother, when I was almost late for school. and tell the mother so as not to wake up late and I should be able to comply with good discipline in schools, and will not be late again. This is the most memorable experience.
    Thank you ……..

  114. Hello guys ,,
    my name nafidhatul.hikmah class x.broadcasting
    in here i will sharing my story for you all friends,when i holiday to Jogja and on that i visit to beach or called depok TPI(place selling fish).when that momen is a new years ,i with my family,an thant place i am holiday to celebrity happy new years.When happy new years 2012(two thousand and twleve)and i go to home from beach on night day,while thats street on traffic jam and others people from car and way less than 2km because,condition on traffic jam ,and push a car ..
    thank you for this time .This moment not can i forget

  115. on Wednesday, I went to school on a motorcycle. My journey was very anxious because I drove the gasoline motor is low. in the way that I think if I got to school or not, but eventually I got to school, after school and the things I worry about anything happening to my bike ride breaking down the streets because of the gas runs out I drive a motorcycle to find the nearest petrol sellers, however, been some encouraging my feet I do not find a seller of gasoline, I finally quit the road to rest, but soon there were two people who accompanied me to the place of gasoline sellers. and that experience will never I forget

  116. Assalammualaikum Wr.Wb
    excuse me Miss.. let’s introduce myself, my name is Setyaningrum, call me Arum, I’m from X MultiMedia class ..
    emm.. I’ll to tell you about my an unforgettable experience. that day as I sat in elementary school when I saw the tent held my best friend, Lintang, running in front of a lively stage show, without thinking twice, I immediately went over and took her hand, but suddenly someone tapped my shoulder, I turned and saw the Lintang in behind me, I was confused again turned to the person I turned out he was not articulated and Lintang, then I immediately apologized to him and quickly went to the Lintang of the original holding. I am ashamed of the incident once and hoping it will not happen to me again. That’s a very memorable experience for me.

    thanks for your time..

  117. asalamualaikum Wr.Wb
    PMR in training

    This event might be an experience I could never forget as long. PMR when I was in school at that moment I felt truly tortured repeatedly should be punished because of iniquity, even until I have to get into the gutter imagine! how much disgust I wanted to run straight home but I do know all this because I am a good student

  118. hello mom..^_^
    Anang putra hermanto
    x mm

    Fall into Ditch

    At the time I was up to grade 5 school, I was told at my grandmother after school to the shop to pick up the goods. I do not know which items will be taken? When home from school, I took my bike to go to the shop. Then from the stalls, I came home. I went home via the breakthrough. Time will pass, there is a rather deep ditch. Because there is a cat fight and the lack of balance I ended up falling. Come home immediately scolded by my mother.

  119. miss liza hi, my name Syaiful Zakaria A, class Xmultimedia and this my most memorable experiences at school (3 jepara smk)
    to the day when school is not in want, for example
    Thursday, happened on Thursday again there are many tasks and test scores improved as well …
    Thursday entered wretched school schedule my subjects …
    Thursday: Science, Physics, Islamic religious education, language indonesia.dan all subjects teachers hold daily tests, a lot of really crazy how the above does not bother no one that I learned, knowing that high school kids doze off for too long
    holiday plus fitting my phone went missing falls right in with friends, said my friend picked the same person but I asked him not fitting admit, that makes me difficult to make contact my friends friend asked for PR,
    and on Thursday I can be the ugly …….

  120. scol holidays is eagerly awaited by th am to wait for the school holidays.during the holidays i wast just at home but i also play to grandma’s house not far from grandma’s house i was messing around at my cousin who is also my and my cousin just talk holidays which i do a lot of my time at hom but i’m biased with my family doing housework such as sweeping page. i’m very happy because i can cooperation really do all the work with the family not only made peace but the coheviseness of the family very closely.i was sweeping the yard while mom and dad and sister mow the grass.sometimes me and my sister went to the field and paddy fields to enjoy the beautiful scenery of rice fields

  121. Hi mrs Lisa , good morning my name Agung Dwinugraha X-TKJ2. I will story about my experience.
    Tomorrow , I go to beach with my family. I think to day is my lucky day , you know miss , I found money in the beach. Emm I am very because it is one hundred thousand rupiahs. I use the money to buy food with my family. But , the money lost again. I forget put it in where. And then we must pay the food with my mother’s money. And finally this is my experience. Thank you miss Lisa.

    • You’re welcome

    Story by: Nimas Ayu Kenedy

    On Monday after school I was escorted by my friend on a motorcycle …
    but i do not wear a helmet on that day, I am FINALLY in between without a helmet … when you reach the road near the school I was a cop friend of mine sent me a quick fast off the bike for fear of being ticketed by the police in …
    after I got out, did not realize my skirt still concerned at the foot of the motor starter is …
    because at the same do not know …
    He left quickly and my skirt was torn down to the …
    my gosh what a shame ….
    after that I was angry and upset quickly told my friend came up to me and in between home …
    was a very humiliating experience ….

  123. one day me and my friends went to the market when we’re busy running suddenly we saw a lunatic awalya we are not afraid but suddenly the madman was chasing us we were scared and went back home after we got home we are tired because of running away here’s my experience when meeting someone crazy

  124. I think that is good story mrs liza reminded me with my junior high school.
    Maaf kalo kalimatnya gk bener …….belajar bu…..

    • thanks Fanny .. 🙂

  125. good afternoon miss, i want to introduce my self, my name is Dina Lorenza. you can call me Dina, im 16 years old. i was bron in jepara, 14th august 1999. i live in karanggondang village RT 07 RW 07. i have manye hobbies are singing, cooking,watching tv. i have two sister. her name is Vina and Tyas. my favorite food is sate,meatballs and fried rice. now i am studying in SMK Negeri 3 Jepara. so thats all information about me and Thank you Miss about your attention

    • Holiday junior yesterday my friend and I went to my friend’s house who called Ganvie. there we held a reunion event. I was delighted to be reunited with my friends. there we tell stories, cook and eat together. when we’re busy memsak my friends doing silly Syahdani. he climbed a tree rather high, behind the house Ganvie. at the top of the tree Syahdani afraid because they can not fall down. I and my friends laugh out loud. fortunately my friend Arjun who want to help Syahdani to go down. after dropping Syahdani laugh over that foolishness that can not go down. Syahdani off right after we’ve cooked dishes. we rushed eating these foods. after eating we clean up the place. after that we baercerita about our new friend in high school. shortly afterwards we hurried goodbye keoada parents Ganvie because the day was afternoon.

      • My teacher english in junior high school
        Last year, my teacher english’s name Mrs.Isriyah . She is beautiful and clever women .
        First, I don’t like english because of Mrs. Isriyah I like english . Mrs Isriyah help me for everything about english .
        In my opinion Mrs Isriyah is the best teacher. I always get six scor and I know, I stupid in english. But I hardwork for this .

      • Thank you

      • Good job

    • thanks all

    • Thank you

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