Personal Letters





    KELAS ; X PM 2
    NO ; 35

    Holiday junior yesterday my friend and I went to my friend’s house who called Ganvie. there we held a reunion event. I was delighted to be reunited with my friends. there we tell stories, cook and eat together. when we’re busy memsak my friends doing silly Syahdani. he climbed a tree rather high, behind the house Ganvie. at the top of the tree Syahdani afraid because they can not fall down. I and my friends laugh out loud. fortunately my friend Arjun who want to help Syahdani to go down. after dropping Syahdani laugh over that foolishness that can not go down. Syahdani off right after we’ve cooked dishes. we rushed eating these foods. after eating we clean up the place. after that we baercerita about our new friend in high school. shortly afterwards we hurried goodbye keoada parents Ganvie because the day was afternoon.

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